During the 20th stage of the Tour de France today, Chris Froome was riding in a small pack about three kilometers from the finish when a few fans started to run alongside. Unfortunately, there were no samaritans around to handle the situation, and one spectator began to crowd Froome. Froome decided he wasn't standing for it.

The cyclist pulled backhanded the fan in the chest, pushing him out the way. At first, the strike didn't look too violent; more of a mush or a shove than a punch. But on the front angle, you can see Froome really rear back and slap the shit out of the guy. We kinda liked that.

We immediately started to root for Froome, which is good, since he finished third in the stage to keep the yellow jersey as well as the huge lead he has over the field going into tomorrow's final stage. Barring any kind of catastrophe, he'll win this year's Tour de France. We know how to pick champions.

h/t to Dan