Yes, there’s still legal wrangling over Aaron Hernandez’s guilty conviction in the murder of Odin Lloyd. This particular spat is about a tipster who anonymously called one of Hernandez’s defense lawyers multiple times, claiming one of the jurors might have been “untruthful.” For example, she said the juror “had been present for a discussion about a Boston double murder case that Hernandez is also charged in,” the Associated Press reported in May.

Hernandez’s legal team wanted to trace the calls. Today, prosecutors responded, telling the court that they believe the tipster actually was a woman in a “sexually explicit relationship” with Hernandez. Calling her “Katy,” prosecutors wrote that she believed the former Patriots tight end was innocent and hoped the relationship would continue once he was set free. So she concocted the story in an attempt to get Hernandez a new trial:

... “Katy” hasn’t simply been in personal contact with the defendant. She had an ongoing sexually explicit relationship with the defendant prior to and during the trial. This relationship was in existence before and after all of the purported factual occurrences “Katy” provided to counsel. It was a relationship that “Katy,” based on her uninformed belief in the defendant’s innocence, hoped would continue after the defendant’s release.

So what exactly is a “sexually explicit relationship?” Prosecutors don’t say. They do add that Katy wrote to Hernandez, but the letters “were subsequently destroyed by the defendant.” Katy’s dad also knew Hernandez because “the defendant had a relationship with ‘Katy’s’ father while they were inmates together at the Dartmouth House of Corrections.”

Prosecutors don’t say if Hernandez is still in a “sexually explicit relationship” with Katy. The full filing by prosecutors is below.

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