Arizona Diamondbacks pitcher Josh Collmenter is using his free time during spring training in a productive way: classes for his teammates. Today, the players learned about physics.

Collmenter’s topics for his science class included Isaac Newton and gravitational lensing. He even set up a whiteboard for his lesson. MLB reporter Steve Gilbert took video:

The right-hander told AZCentral that subjects are determined by the students. He had previously taught history. Collmenter said that any player can stop in, if his schedule allows it:

Collmenter said his class is open to anyone, but Tuesday’s crowd was mostly pitchers because other groups of teammates had meetings they needed to attend.

“From what I’ve gathered,” Collmenter said, “pitchers are the more intelligent species anyway, so it’s a lot easier to talk to them than it would be some of the position players.”

He added: “It’s just something fun to do. We’re in here for so long in the morning before things happen. There’s some meetings and downtime. It’s just something to have a little bit of fun with.”


Collmenter’s putting that Central Michigan education to use.


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