Dabo Swinney could learn a lot from a meme of Katt Williams

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Close that yap, Dabo. Oh well, too late.
Close that yap, Dabo. Oh well, too late.
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“You shouldn’t have been talking s***”

A famous comedian named Katt Williams once said this during his standup in part 1 of The Pimp Chronicles in reference to a joke about the U.S. government. Over time, the scene has been edited by many people and Williams’ words are now being used as a gif on social media to spread the much-needed principles of keeping your mouth shut and never getting too arrogant.

It’s a lesson that Clemson coach Dabo Swinney should have listened to before ranking Ohio State as the 11th best team in the country and watching the Buckeyes whack his team like some electronic moles at the fair.

Well, Dabo I’m here to personally tell you in the words of Williams. “You shouldn’t have been talking s***.”

Swinney made a huge fuss about the fact that Ohio State only played six games all season before entering the college football playoff. Well, it looks like Swinney should have spent some more time breaking down the film of those six games.


’Cause now, Justin Fields and Ohio State are going to the college football national championship game against Alabama after smacking your team like a piece of Trident gum on New Years’ night.

Fields threw for six touchdowns and 385 yards in the 49-28 rout. He ate up the Clemson defense like a college kid eats up their grandma’s meals during the holiday break.


I could do this all day.

We already ranked Swinney as one of our Idiots of the Year in 2020 but that was mainly because of things that were not related to in-game adjustments. After watching his team against Ohio State, he might deserve two spots on our Idiot list.


Next season will likely be a completely new chapter for Swinney and Tigers because they will lose the majority of their featured talent to the NFL Draft. Quarterback Trevor Lawrence will probably be the first overall pick to Jacksonville and players like Travis Etienne will likely also get drafted.

Clemson squandered an opportunity to get to the college football promised land and hold up another trophy. A huge part of their downfall could be attributed to their own coach not knowing how to keep his mouth shut and giving the other team fuel.


In the words of Williams once again, “You shouldn’t have been talking s***.”

Have a nice off-season Dabo. 👋🏾