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Dads In Ugly Polo Shirts Punch Each Other At Pee Wee Football Game

A lot of men in matching bright polo shirts started a sideline brawl during their sons' Pee Wee football game in Pearland, Texas. One 12-year-old was thrown "12 to 15 feet" by an opposing coach. Video after the jump.

"He picked me up by the back of my shoulder pads," said one Hurricane, an earnest 11 year-old named Stone, "and threw me." Both teams were barred from competing in the postseason, several coaches were suspended, and two were banned for life. Someone in the stands caught the mayhem on camera. Yes, folks, when coaching your kid's pee wee football team doesn't provide adequate secondhand glory, you can always become a YouTube spectacle in your middle age.


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A stain on Pee Wee football in Pearland [Houston Chronicle]

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