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Dallas Mavericks Get Away With Yet Another Game-Ending No-Call

The Dallas Mavericks must have made some kind of deal with the devil, because for the second time in as many weeks, they won a close game after getting away with an egregious foul that wasn't called.

Above is the final play from Saturday's Pelicans-Mavs game, which ended with Monta Ellis essentially bear-hugging Austin Rivers as he attempted to get up a desperation three that could have tied the game. It was an even more obvious foul than the hack Shawn Marion put on Kevin Love in a similar situation two weeks ago, and yet no call was made. In both cases, the NBA was forced to admit that the referees blew it.


On a semi-related note, the Pelicans announcers really need to step up their indignant reaction game. Alan Horton would be ashamed of them.

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