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Dallas Police Arrest Aqib Talib's Brother, Say They Arrested Aqib

For a few hours, police believed they had arrested Broncos cornerback Aqib Talib for throwing bottles in a Dallas club. Police were wrong.

Max Geron, the major in charge of media relations—according to his bio—tweeted about Aqib Talib's arrest earlier this morning.


OK. About an hour later, however, Mike Florio talked to Talib's agent, presumably to confirm the police report, and found out that Aqib's brother Yaqub was actually the one arrested.


Who to believe? Did Texas police not know how to spell Arabic, or was Aqib Talib's agent stupid enough to blame the incident on Aqib's brother for a short-lived distraction? (One of these possibilities is more plausible than the other.)


Right before noon, the police department sheepishly corrected the initial report.



Update: Geron's tweets, including the correction, have been deleted. Here are the initial tweets:

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