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Dallas sportscaster Dale Hansen has been known to deliver his opinions on topics surrounding the world of sports and beyond during late night segments for ABC affiliate WFAA. Those opinions are often known to go viral, as we’ve noted before. In his latest segment, Hansen tackled the issue of white privilege playing a significant part in the NFL’s most recent batch of coaching hires, with emphasis on the Cardinals’ choice to hire Kliff Kingsbury to replace Steve Wilks.

Here’s a snippet of his monologue:

But Kingsbury fits all the criteria to be a head coach in the NFL: He’s an offensive genius, he’s young — and he’s white, and not necessarily in that order.

There have been six new coaches hired so far, all white, and two coaches of color they are replacing: Steve Wilks, fired in Arizona after just one year, Vance Joseph in Denver after just two.

The Cowboys coach Jason Garrett is in his ninth year — apparently because he wins so much.


You can watch the video of his latest segment below:



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