Dallas Sportscaster Blasts The Cowboys For Signing Greg Hardy

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The last time we checked in with Dallas sportscaster Dale Hansen, he was ripping into the football establishment for suggesting that Michael Sam would make things "uncomfortable" in the NFL. With the Cowboys having signed Greg Hardy—whose then-girlfriend Nicole Holder testified that Hardy strangled and threatened to kill her, but had his conviction of assault by a judge dismissed when he appealed and Holder didn't show up to testify, reportedly because Hardy paid her off—Hansen is back to rake the Cowboys over the coals.


Here is just a slice of Hansen's impassioned monologue:

Hardy's jersey is being sold at the Cowboys online pro shop now. You could get one for your sister or daughter, and then explain to her that "Hardy beat up women, but we're cheering him now because he's really good on game day, and game day is all that really matters to me." Your daughter will understand.

But the reality is, if Hardy knocks on your front door to take your daughter out for a night on the town, the man you cheer now, you would shoot his ass through the glass.



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