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Damn Paul Millsap For Ruining This Sweet Nikola Jokic Pass

Photo: Matthew Stockman (Getty)

The experience of watching the Denver Nuggets play basketball is often reduced to alternating between two distinct yet equally powerful emotions. The first is religious ecstasy, sparked through witnessing the soft god Nikola Jokic in the act of miraculous ball distribution. The other is anguish, brought on by Paul Millsap trying and failing to do whatever it is Paul Millsap is supposed to be doing. During last night’s game against the Grizzlies, those two emotions were created by the same play.

Check this out:

If your teammate sets you up by hiking the ball between his legs and splitting two defenders while tip-toeing along the baseline, you have to get the bucket. Jamal Murray would have never let his buddy down like that.


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