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Dan Dickau Loses A Potential Best Pal

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The kids over at Yay!Sports have this fun game they've decided to play with chats with NBA players on They ask them : "Freestyle a bit for us and I'll be your best friend." (The bit is derived from an actual question to LeBron James in an AOL chat; apparently the joke made him "LOL" so hard that he ended up in the hospital.)

Anyway, today's test case was Celtics guard Dan Dickau (formerly of NOOCH!), who, apparently, received so few questions that he had to answer theirs. And his response was something about him and Brian Scalabrine being the best rappers on the team, a fact we seriously, seriously doubt. (Best part is that the AOL Moderator actually recognized the Yay!Sports guys' handiwork. That made us happy.)


Dan Dickau Is Not Our Best Friend [Yay!Sports]

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