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Dan Patrick, Celebrity Golf Interview Dork Dodger

We'll confess to having less of a problem with Dan Patrick than we do with some of the other Bristol folks; he's got a little smugness to him, but on the whole, we don't think he's one of the bad guys.

Apparently, some disagree; TravelGolf writer Chris Baldwin tried to interview Patrick at the Lake Tahoe Celebrity Golf tournament over the summer — like our own Rick Chandler — and was rebuffed. Baldwin didn't handle the rejection well.


Having interviewed everyone from Rush Limbaugh to Justin Timberlake to Roger Clemens to Bode Miller on the course, there is one clearcut egomaniac of all egomaniacs. Take a bow, ESPN SportsCenter czar and self-appointed funny man Dan Patrick. That's right, no super talented athlete, pop mega star or political pundit can compare to Patrick in jerk rating.

My encounter with the man obsessed with his own hair came at the American Century Championship in Lake Tahoe over the summer. In dozens of celebrities approached, Patrick was the only one who blew off the idea of an interview.

We're not sure skipping out on an interview at a celebrity golf tournament is quite enough to classify one as "the No. 1 pompous jerk," but it does give us an excuse to run this closeup picture of Patrick's head.

By the way, outstanding timing on this story, writing about an event from July in November.


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