We know you've been dying to find out the next move for Dan Patrick. He's got his national radio show now, his Web site and, hopefully, more Applebee's commercials with barbecue sauce all over himself. (Or whatever crappy chain restaurant that was; they all blend into one for us.) Well, Patrick has himself a new gig: He's about to become one of the biggest names at Sports Illustrated.

SI announced today that Patrick is being brought into the fold, joining the magazine after the new year and doing work for SI.com after the Super Bowl. The site will stream his radio show and host DanPatrick.com.

We think Patrick's a logical fit for SI, though we wonder how the Gary Smiths will handle yet another move toward "personality" over there. But mostly: We wonder how Rick Reilly's gonna handle not being the big dog over there. We imagine him in his foyer, writing standup comedy material and slowly, meticulously, planning Patrick's demise.