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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise
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It turns out SI's Dan Patrick is filming a scene for an upcoming Adam Sandler movie tomorrow so he needs fill-ins. Who'd he pick? Unfortunately for non-deaf America, not the ESL strippers from Rick's Cabaret.


Yes, , the estimable Emeritus and I will be hosting Dan Patrick's radio show between 9 a.m. and 12 p.m. I'm told it is also available on Direct TV, where you can watch us fidget and fuck up the show live in glorious HD. Thankfully, there are guests scheduled so you won't be forced to endure three hours of stammering, coughing and "ya' knows" the whole time.

Scheduled to talk to us as at some point during the day:

Tim Cowlishaw on Josh Hamilton
Richard Deitsch, SI on bucket list
Dan Patrick from the set of the Sandler movie shoot.
Michael Schur aka Ken Tremendous, maybe?


Possibly, hopefully, others (ahem, WHITLOCK) will be there to bail us out as well.

Oh, and just as soon as we finalized this news, we received this link courtesy of Sportress Of Blogitude. Perfect timing, Jason!

So, also, I won't be around much tomorrow. Let Dash and Tommy show you what is the what.


Thanks for your continued support of The Anti-Jesus Hate-Filled TMZ Of Sports Internet Low-Life Club. It feels so real. It does.

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