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One reader caught the Dave Matthews (Band) show at Hartford on Saturday night and had the good fortune of sitting near Patrick and his family, bobbing along to "Ants Marching" and the like. But, seriously, what's with the bag?

One would hope that he's just holding it for his wife or daughter or Rip Taylor, but our spy (who goes by the odd name of "Viva") said DP was holding this awful thing throughout half the show and also during the VIP Lounge pre-concert. To be fair, Viva also said DP "was looking real good" with it slung over his shoulder but that seems overly generous. One thing's for sure — that ain't no satchel.


Update: He was carrying it for his daughter. Damn.

Update #2: DP sends word through an intermediary:

You can let AJ at Deadspin know I got a kick out of the yellow satchel post.

It was my daughters.

Mine is red.


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