Dan Shaughnessy's Son Arrested For Assaulting Cops, Being Breathtakingly Drunk At Noon On A Friday [UPDATE]

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Sam Shaughnessy, who as a star outfielder in high school was the subject of father Dan's book Senior Year, then played a year of college ball at BC, was arrested last Friday in Brookline, Mass. The charges: disorderly conduct, assault and battery on a police officer, and resisting arrest.

According to Wicked Local Brookline, Sam Shaughnessy approached police as they were making another arrest. Police say he appeared drunk (it was late morning!) and was bleeding from his knuckles and leg.

When officers asked him why he was so disheveled he reportedly responded incoherently and began to yell. At one point during the incident, police said he Shaughnessy into the middle of the street screaming unintelligibly. Officers arrested him and took him to the hospital for evaluation. According to police, Shaughnessy knocked several officers down during the arrest. Later, at the hospital, police said he continued to struggle and kicked an officer.


UPDATE: The Brookline TAB tells us that the time listed initial police report was wrong, and the arrest occurred at 12:45 a.m. So that makes a little more sense than a Friday morning.

Son of sports columnist allegedly kicked police during arrest [Wicked Local Brookline]