Dan Snyder And Mike Shanahan Fly To Waco, Immediately Go To Hooters

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Today is Baylor's pro day, when Robert Griffin III (and some saps who aren't RGIII) will showcase their wares for any scouts who want to come watch. The Colts will be there, just doing their due diligence. But this is really for the Redskins, who'll likely have Griffin with the second pick, and they'd like to see what they're getting. So a Redskins contingent including Dan Snyder, Mike and Kyle Shanahan, and Bruce Allen flew down to Waco yesterday to get settled. They got settled at a pair of watering holes, including the local Hooters.


At the ExtremeSkins message board, one Redskins expatriate shares his story of running into the Skins party at one non-Hooters Waco bar, and it sounds like everyone couldn't have been nicer. Bruce Allen ended a phone conversation to talk with the fan when he noticed his Redskins cap:

I asked him about the salary cap fiasco and he told me in no uncertain terms they are going to fight it and so are the Cowboys. He talked about how excited they are about RG3 and how Griffin is glad it wasn't Cleveland that moved up to number 2.


I go to the bathroom and low and behold, Kyle Shanahan walks in as I'm finishing my business. (I swear I did not follow anyone into the bathroom to talk). He also comments on my hat. I welcome him to Texas and tell him I am a UT fan and remember when he played WR for Texas. I told him how excited the fans are at the possibility of RG3 and he replied "not nearly as much as I am" as we parted ways.

At some other point in the day, the Redskins contingent ended up at a Waco Hooters. They posed for photos, and those photos made it on to Facebook, and then ended up on the ExtremeSkins board, which is how things go. It's just nice to see that a football front office has a human side, even if Dan Snyder can't even smile for a picture with a Hooters waitress.

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