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ESPN the Magazine has a fun story out today about Dan Snyder and our old friend Dave McKenna. It presents a slightly friendlier portrait of Snyder than you might find on, say, Deadspin—where we've called Snyder a "prick" and a "churlish little shitbag vulgarian" but never once accused him of fellating dogs—but Seth Wickersham's Snyder remains a starfucking weirdo with a Napoleon complex.


Our favorite part:

Watching games from his private box, Snyder would cuss and second-guess plays, unblinkingly huffing past people. "You want to stay out of his way," says Fox News Sunday anchor Chris Wallace, a frequent guest. After losses, Snyder would stay until 4 a.m., pounding drinks, downing burgers and pizza and blaming himself for being, in the words of a friend, "his own worst enemy."

Wickersham reports Snyder now stays only until 1 a.m.

Oh, and there's this:

A few years ago, Snyder scored an advance copy of Star Trek and hosted [former Redskins COO Dave] Donovan's family at his home theater. The Snyders greeted their guests wearing pointy ears made from aluminum foil. "I thought, If people could see this," Donovan says.


A thin line between love and hate [ESPN the Mag]

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