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This past weekend was Detroit Tiger Curtis Granderson's celebrity basketball shootout, featuring various Michigan-based celebrities running around the hardwood to raise money for inner city schools.

Included in the list were Cleveland Browns wideout (and blog expert) Braylon Edwards, Kid Rock, some random reality show people, and ESPN's Belvedere-chugging "First Take" host, Dana Jacobson. was at the event and noted that Edwards didn't come to play nice - especially with poor Dana:

Sometimes girls would play. They weren't very good, but the unwritten rule was always to let them shoot. Most in this game followed that code, allowing the two girls, Jacobson and Haglund, as well as Faris (not a girl, but he was on Project Runway, so that should tell you his basketball skill level) to shoot unimpeded when they had the ball. Well, Edwards wasn't playing nice and as Jacobson launched a shot, Edwards threw it back across halfcourt, allowing someone on his team (I think Terrell) to get a breakaway layup.


They also had a chance to snag Jacobson for a couple of quick questions, including this one about her unique relationship with blogs:

MLive: You had really weird incidents with blogs, any hard feelings carrying over from that?

DJ: Nope. No. No.

Stirring. Unfortunately, no photos of the after party surfaced at this point. I'm sure here and Kid Rock just got along famously at that thing.


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