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Dance, Marshall Fella, Dance

Last night, in Huntington, W.Va., the Marshall football team hosted a Women's Clinic, meant, apparently, to explain to feeble minded babymakers the basic concepts of football so that they will understand when to leave the room, when to leave the house and when to just bring more beer. It's not easy to keep a husband happy!

Not surprisingly, considering the concept of the whole enterprise, it turned into a bunch of drunk women ripping the clothes off of players. Fun crowd, though.

"We are Marshall's biggest fans, literally," Angelo said. "It's girls night out, we are having a great time. The girls make new friends and builds camaraderie for the big games."


We are not sure you mean to say "literally," there, ma'am. Or perhaps you do.

Ladies Have Their Night With The Herd [Herald Dispatch]

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