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The Spurs lost to the Clippers last night in L.A., 105-86. In typically passive-aggressive Spurs fashion they managed to deflate the game before it happened, holding out Kawhi Leonard with “calf tightness,” so who the hell knows what the result means. Probably nothing. That probably does not make Danny Green feel much better about this play!

Ah gad. Poor, valiant Danny Green. Getting your shoes glued to the floor like 45 feet from the hoop by that slick little Chris Paul inside-out dribble is bad enough, man. But then, when he finally unstuck himself and hustled back to contest the lob, he arrived just in time to get his head yammed on. That sucks!


I like to imagine the stern look he might have felt like giving Gregg Popovich during the next timeout. That could have been Kawhi, man! He’s supposed to be the defensive ace! This is bullshit.

He scored four points on 2-for-9 shooting. I bet Kawhi Leonard feels like a million bucks today.

Photo via AP; video via NBA on YouTube

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