Oakland A’s third baseman Danny Valencia seems destined to have the kind of career that will leave him as A Guy to remember. The 31-year-old entered the league in 2010 and has played for six different teams while fashioning himself into a platoon righty who sends left-handed offerings into the seats. There’s nothing wrong with being that kind of player, particularly on days like yesterday.

Valencia hit three homers against the Rays on Sunday. That’s a feat worth praising no matter the details, but we’re here to note the fact that Valencia sent each of those baseballs to a nice farm upstate, where they can frolic and play with all the other baseballs who definitely did not die violent deaths.


Look at these freakin’ dingers:

Those no-doubters traveled 425, 429, and 435 feet, respectively, and came off the bat at an average exit velocity of 111 mph. This is how dingers were meant to be hit.

Photo via AP