This Sunday, March 25, the man who makes all of us feel like a complete schlub (but in a nice, feel-goody way), is finally back to spice up the last dregs of the weekend. The two-hour premiere of Mad Men's fifth season is happening at 9/8 c on AMC.

In season 5, Don Draper remains the sun around which his harem of ad-guy glad-handers and perpetually suffering creative artistes revolve—not to mention his ex-wife, new fiancée, that wily daughter, and two sons. In not-super-shocking news, the whole lot of them is looking impeccable (evidence at left).

[gallery 5892960] So on Sunday night, fire up some gimlets, put on your weekend sportsjacket, and plant yourself in front of the TV at 9/8 c for the premiere of season 5 of AMC's epic tale of sex, betrayal, corporate intrigue, and truly indulgent 1960s style and culture: Mad Men.

Until then, here's a little something to whet your appetite.