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Darrelle Revis And His PR Handler Hung Up On A Trolling Mike Francesa Today (UPDATE)

WFAN/YES Network host Mike Francesa is a special combination of windbag and gadfly. He's the self-appointed expert on all matters of New York sports, even though he doesn't know much about them. And he loves picking on angry, frothing Jets fans for their loud coach and on-field antics, despite the team's success. (The pitch-perfect fake Mike Francesa Twitter perfectly mimics his yammering about the "classless Jets.") Consequently, the Jets don't appear for interviews on Francesa's show, even though they appear with regularity on other WFAN programs.


But today, for some unknown reason, all-pro Jets corner Darrelle Revis decided to chat with Francesa. And Francesa, for the obvious reasons, decided to half-jokingly badger Revis about a play in Monday night's game against the Dolphins. (Watch the play here: Revis grasped the jersey of a stumbling Brandon Marshall before picking off a pass in their direction and returning it for a touchdown.) Jon Gruden, while broadcasting, said the refs missed the call, and Francesa, ever eager to pick on the Jets, has parroted that wisdom all week. When he brought it up in the interview, Revis maintained his innocence. Resolutely. They trade the usual barbs, about who's been watching football longer, and who's played football.

And then something strange happens around the 4:10 mark of the video. Revis says, "I don't care who said it [was a penalty]. You, Jon Gruden, whoever. I don't care."

Followed by: "Darrelle, stop," from a previously unknown, heavy-breathing voice.

Francesa: "Who's that talking?"

No-longer mystery man: "This is Jared Winley from the Jets PR staff." (Note: Last year, we explained how Winley allegedly was the go-between for Brett Favre's seduction of Jenn Sterger.)

Revis: "This is why nobody wants to get interviewed by him!"

Francesa: "Oh stop, get back. What're you getting on there for?"

Revis: "Whatever, dude."

Winley: "Darrelle, hang up."

Revis: "Bye."

Francesa: "What is he hanging up for?"

(Dial tone.)

And then Francesa has one of his demagoguing moments, playing the victim on Jimmy Traina's tiny Trinitron. Just another day in Jetsland.


UPDATE: Pax Francesa! ESPN New York has more:

Winley later called Francesa's producer to apologize and said he should have asked Francesa to move on to another topic.

"That was an error on my part," Winley said.

WFAN said in a statement that Francesa accepted the apology.