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Darren McFadden's Parents Aren't Saying Nothin' About Nothin'

"Yes he is." "No he isn't." "Is too." "Is not." "Shut up." "You shut up." "No, you shut up first." "No, your mom's ugly." There, now you're officially caught up to speed on the ongoing struggle between Darren McFadden's parents and media reports alleging their son is turning pro after his junior year.

Before this season, we heard the mother Mini Muhammad sorta deny that she ever said McFadden would declare for the NFL draft early. This weekend, his father jumped into the fun, refuting an report that he already filed the NFL draft papers:

Graylon McFadden would not confirm either report Saturday evening when contacted by the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette.

"Well, I've been told to tell everybody 'no comment' and to get on the back shelf,"he said. "So, no comment."


So now he's not even saying he didn't say he's done NFL draft paperwork. This is getting complicated, but I wonder if I should call him to confirm that he spoke to the Democrat Gazette. I wonder how many iterations of "no comments" we can get Graylon McFadden on before Tuesday. Let's set the bar at six.

McFadden's dad denies filing NFL draft papers [Democrat-Gazette]
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(Aside: How parents named Graylon and Mini settle on a normal boy's name of Darren is beyond me.)

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