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It has to be kind of boring for a college football phenom, when the bowl games are over, your college career is done and you have nothing to do until the Draft workouts begin. It has to make a man antsy. So we sympathize with Darren McFadden, who got himself arrested early this morning.

Nothing major: Just another bar fight.

The fight involved one of the bar bouncers. Authorities say that one of McFadden's relatives was being escorted out of Ernie Biggs when McFadden and the people he was with got involved in a fight with Brant Hankins, the bouncer.

The argument went into the streets of the Rivermarket where the Little Rock Police Department put D-Mac in handcuffs for "agitated and provoking aggressive behavior." Once he calmed down the handcuffs were removed.


We will confess that upon first read of this story, we were confused who this "Ernie Biggs" was. It turns out, that's the name of the bar, and it's Little Rock's premier rock and roll dueling piano bar. Boy, and check out their stylin' piano players. Seems exactly like the type of place you'd find Darren McFadden after midnight, absolutely.

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