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Darren Pang Isn't Racist, But His Tongue Nearly Was For A Second

Talking about the Montreal Canadiens' benching of defenseman P.K. Subban, TSN's Darren Pang "suggested that the flamboyant Subban might try to emulate St. Louis's Alex Pietrangelo and do things on and off the ice 'the white way.'"

The "issue": Panger's white, Subban isn't.

He quickly corrected it to "right way," but it was too late. Within seconds, the slip of the tongue was being YouTube'd and Twittered and hooted at, and a mortified Pang - who is about a million miles from being any kind of racist - was issuing mea culpas and calling Subban to apologize, and generally turning himself inside out in embarrassment. [Vancouver Sun]


Yikes. But it's not like he's a Pizza Hut manager who asked some black soccer players to pay before eating "because of the way you look." Really. [Guardian]

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