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The 2019 NBA Draft is almost underway and, in a surprise to absolutely no one, Darren Rovell is in attendance talking about the only thing that matters to him: the brands. With this access, he approached the guaranteed first-overall pick of the draft in Zion Williamson and asked him when the shoe deal was coming—the only question that could possibly be on everyone’s mind in the world according to Darren.

But unlike the run-of-the-mill brand-first approach to journalism he usually undertakes, Rovell’s line of questioning had an extra bit of spice to it. When he asked Zion if things were “heating up” he couldn’t help but try and follow the emotions of the man he was interviewing. In doing so he might have overshot things by responding to Zion’s smile with a laugh that could potentially haunt your dreams.


Because it’s important to me that you caught that laugh, here it is again:

If nothing else, we can give Darren some credit for allowing this moment to go a lot more smoothly the last time Zion Williamson and a shoe were involved as it did not result in a complete meltdown on Twitter.

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