Darren Rovell Tries To Explain Economics To Marvin Jones, Gets Dunked On

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“Actually,” Darren Rovell probably smirked as he adjusted his bowtie before lecturing a celebratory Marvin Jones, who had just tweeted about a bakery franchise he is opening with his wife, “it’s more complicated than you think.”

Despite being ESPN’s pre-eminent business knower, Rovell seems to have gotten out a bit too far over his skis here. Jones obviously did his homework before making the decision to open a franchise, and as such did not appreciate a certain “smart ass” trying to school him on gross vs. net.


Jones followed this up three minutes later with an even harsher burn.

Rovell’s explanation for why he lectured Jones specifically about the brand’s value “vs. just opening a new cake shop” is that he was speaking in generalities when he said, “Is the brand that valuable vs just opening a new cake shop?”


Jones could have continued to dunk on Rovell, but it seems he was busy buffing out the staff of the new cake shop.