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Illustration for article titled Darren Sharper Plans To Strike Plea Deal In All His Rape Cases Monday

Alleged serial rapist Darren Shaper is working on a global plea deal that would resolve the myriad of sexual assault cases against him, according to multiple reports today. The Associated Press reported that the deal will be filed Monday in two courts, one in California and the other in an unknown location. The details of the potential deal weren't released.


Right now, Sharper has fives separate cases that collectively portray a man who, according to investigators, traveled across the country drugging and raping women. He's been accused in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, New Orleans, and Tempe, Ariz. The most recent charges, two counts of sexual assault, were filed Wednesday by Clark County (Nev.) prosecutors. Each case includes eerily similar narratives, by police and court records. Sharper, the women alleged, would meet them at a bar or club and slip them a drugged drink either at the bar or in a hotel room before raping them.

Four of the cases are in state courts and all include multiple counts of sexual assault. The fifth, in federal court in Louisiana, involves charges related to the drugs that Sharper is accused of slipping into his victims' drinks. The New Orleans Advocate reported that Sharper's plea deal would settle those federal drug charges, though reports from the Los Angeles Times and the AP did not include that detail.

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