Darren Sharper Accusations: 11 Druggings, 7 Alleged Rapes

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Earlier today, details started to emerge about the charges against Darren Sharper, former NFL safety, and the alleged rapes he is connected to. As the day went on, more information made its way out, adding to the scope of the accusations, and at times conflating details. Now we have an official document from Los Angeles County District Attorney.


In short, Sharper, 38, is accused of using Zolpidem (Ambien) and morphine to drug women and rape them. He was arrested on Jan. 17, and has been free on $200,000 bail since then. Sharper denies the charges, and claims to have had consensual sex with one of the women, and to be unaware of who another one is. The claims against him stem from five separately collected police reports, across four states, beginning in September of 2013, all of which describe similar events involving Sharper, women, and druggings.

Sharper has only been charged with a crime in Los Angeles, but faces accusations and open investigations in three other states. The document, a motion to increase Sharper's bail to $10 million (embedded below), offers a grim recounting of events, as recounted by the investigating officer. According to the document, these are the accusations that Sharper faces:


New Orleans

According to a New Orleans police report, on Sept. 22, 2013, a woman referred to as Jane Doe A met Sharper at a bar, drank a drink provided by him, and woke up several hours later, at 10 a.m. Sharper was on top of her, sexually assaulting her. Two days later, she underwent a sexual assault examination, and in early November, the NOPD was informed that Sharper's DNA was found on her. Sharper has not been charged with a crime in New Orleans.

Los Angeles

The two incidents in Los Angeles follow an eerily similar template. In the first, on Oct. 30, 2013, two women were at a club in West Hollywood. As it was closing, Sharper invited both to an after party, but said he had to stop by his hotel—where he was living due to his job as an NFL Network analyst—to pick something up. Upon arriving, he offered both a shot of what he called "Coffee Petron." They drank it, and passed out within minutes. One woman woke up hours later, naked, with Sharper on top of her. The other woman woke up outside, on a sofa, and stopped him. Both women left in a cab, and have hazy memories of what happened after they woke up.


The second LA incident occurred Jan. 14, involving two women. They met Sharper at the same West Hollywood club as the first two women, and went to an after party with him. Around 4 a.m., they left with him to supposedly go to a second after party, but he stopped at his hotel first, and gave them each a shot. They passed out a few minutes later, and woke up on a pull-out sofa bed. They felt like they'd been sexually assaulted. The two women left the hotel suite, and would get examined for sexual assault later that evening.

Las Vegas

The Las Vegas incident was more of the same. According to a police report taken by the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, a man and two women met Sharper at a Las Vegas night club on Jan. 15, just a day after the second incident in Los Angeles. Sharper invited the three to an after party in his room, but when they arrived, they were the only ones there. He offered all three a shot—they drank it and passed out a few minutes later. The first woman woke up in bed, next to sharper. She went to the bathroom and saw injuries on her face she didn't remember. Sharper told her that she'd been sick the night before, and gave her something to drink. She drank it, and the next thing she remembers was Sharper assaulting her.


The other woman woke up on the sofa, and felt like she'd been sexually assaulted. She left the hotel with the first woman, and would be tested for sexual assault later that day. The man in the party blacked out after taking the shot, and woke up in a bar in the same hotel.

Tempe, Arizona

On Nov. 20, 2013, two women met Sharper at a club in Scottsdale, AZ. After drinking with Sharper, one of the women felt ill, and left with her friend, who suggested everyone go back to the sick woman's apartment. There, the sick woman's roommate put her to bed, in her pajamas, and went out to hang out with Sharper and the other friend. Sharper gave both of them shots.


The friend who had been at bar blacked out immediately, and woke up the following morning on the sofa. The roommate felt sick after taking the shot, and went to lie down. Later, on her way to the bathroom, she saw Shaper on the sofa, on top of the friend, thrusting, but made her way back to her room and immediately fell asleep. The first friend, who was sick at the club, naked from the waist down, and with no memory of how she got like that. The two women who were out at the original club were tested for sexual assault later that day.

Sharper appeared in court on Friday, and has been ordered to stay in L.A. for the time being. The NFL Network has suspended him indefinitely following his arrest. He faces more than 30 years in prison if he's convicted.