Date goes great for Avs fan, could open NHL's eyes to what actual inclusivity looks like

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Looks like a second date is in order.
Looks like a second date is in order.
Screenshot: Twitter: @owsluh

Sometimes sports are cute, and the last two days have been pretty freaking cute in one corner of the sports world. Much like a tweet to the Arizona Diamondbacks last month about a date taking place at their game, it started with a simple tweet to the Colorado Avalanche account on Tuesday.

From there, the Avalanche apparently were very interested in this date. They responded to her, asking where her seat was and for updates. Last night, during the game, they retweeted the original tweet, asking how things were going. She posted a picture with her date in response.


I don’t think many people assumed that the date was going to be between two women, but it’s so wonderfully fitting. To kick off pride month, the Avalanche rolled with it and showed great support for the two, despite the NHL notoriously not being known as the most inclusive sports league. The NHL Network responded with a purple heart in the replies, the USA Hockey instagram account posted about them, and they got on the jumbotron at the game.

Maybe Gaby and Sydnee opened the eyes of a few people that the league should not just be marketing to 50-year-old beer-drinking men. Sports are for all. Instead of just posting a pretty rainbow graphic, the NHL should continue looking to provide an actual platform for representation and inclusion.