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Daulerio at SBXLI: Hello, Blue Carpet, Goodbye, McNabb

Deadspin "correspondent" AJ Daulerio is filing dispatches from the Super Bowl all week. Here's the second of his two tales from Miami for today.

After Monday's total collapse outside of Radio Row at the Convention Center, the good ship AOL Sports Bloggers Live— I LIKE THOSE GUYS — I was finally awarded a day pass and able to step my dirty feet onto the shimmery blue carpet and get a close up of the frenzy. (The audio of the appearance is right here.) It's all what you would expect — Jim Rome Rome burning, Mike and Mike Madogging and Salisbury, of course, looking ruddy and text messaging. Plus there are numerous former and current athletes shuffling from each show trying to hide their "Not another fucking white guy" look when one of the producers from the various radio shows attempts to corral them to to the stage. My conversation with the Mottram consisted mainly of mustaches and my new found love of the Clevelander. Thankfully, Mr. Irrelevant lent me his camera so I could take a few photos and finally get a close up look of the McNabb family in action on their "The KNEE IS FINE" campaign. It pains me to say this, however — it's not.


More photos and shenanigans after the jump.


After I left the Blogger Booth, I hurried right over to McNabb's area. I had to see it up close. The limp. Yes, he has a brace on, and Mrs. McNabb assured me that it's "A-Okay, baby," but man, that limp. It reminded me of Bill Cosby doing that drunk guy impression in Bill Cosby Himself. But Five was in politicking mode, glad-handing, smiling, and keeping his conversations short with people. Most of the conversations began and ended with "I'm feeling good — the knee is fine." I hope so, I do, I do, I do.

I followed him around a bit to see him walking and then I realized that I was in the general vicinity of the Mayor. He was on a break, he was texting, of course, and he looked pretty pissed. I put the balls away for now because, as one Radio Row insider put it, "He would put you through a wall" if I tried to get a picture with him. It's still only Thursday. There is still time for plenty of big drunk ESPN people to knock the mustache off my face.


In my walk through Radio Row, I also saw Baldinger towing the women he was sitting with last night, who do not appear to be Clevelander Talent, but rather relations of the managerial/familial type. That's reassuring. I also spotted Don Shula rotting his way through a Sirius Interview, Bernie Kosar swanning around like it's still 1982, Sterling Sharpe in his patented Pimp 'n Pink look and Ditka, in a ridiculous purple suit most likely purchased from Brooks Brothers' defunct "Velvet Grimace" line from 1993.


I was in and out quickly, as it is still the beginning of this harrowing weekend — hopefully, my attorney will be available for just one more round before our time is through.

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