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Dave Bliss, Terrible Human Being Of Note, Now Shaping The Minds Of Tomorrow

Congratulations to Dave Bliss, the former Baylor coach, who, despite having presided over one of college sports' ugliest episodes, and despite having enlisted his team in an effort to smear a player, Patrick Dennehy, who had just been murdered by a teammate...

...and despite having concocted a story about the dead player's drug dealing to hide the fact that he — Bliss — had been paying him under the table and generally wiping his feet on the NCAA rulebook, and despite having been caught on tape telling a player, "I think the thing we want to do — and you think about this — if there's a way we can create the perception that Pat may have been a dealer," and despite having also been caught on tape saying that Dennehy couldn't refute the story "because he's dead," and despite being the witness-tamperingest, justice-obstructingest dickbag in a profession of dickbags who should by all rights be doing time in the Texas pokey right now...


Where was I? Oh, yes. Congratulations to Dave Bliss, the new dean of students, athletics director, and boys basketball coach at Allen Academy, the oldest college preparatory school in Texas.

Former Baylor coach Bliss hired by Allen Academy [Fort Worth Star-Telegram]

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