Dave Duerson Had Less Than $20,000 In Assets When He Committed Suicide

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Dave Duerson was a millionaire and a successful CEO after the conclusion of his 11-year NFL career. But when he shot himself in the heart last year, leaving behind a note that asked his family to donate his brain for dementia testing, Duerson was going through bankruptcy proceedings. He owed hundreds of thousands of dollars to creditors in relation to his former business interests, and his family is suing the NFL, saying the brain damage he suffered as a player led to his downward spiral and ultimate demise.


Duerson's bankruptcy case was recently settled, and Miami New Times got its hands on the appraisal of the total value of Duerson's assets at the time of his death. Of note is that Duerson had tried to claim as an asset more than $34 million in a court judgment related to one of his former businesses. But that money was deemed to be irrecoverable. The total sum of the appraisal? Just $19,500:

A bankruptcy trustee oversaw the auction of Duerson's 2002 Cadillac Escalade. It went for $6,000.

At Duerson's death scene, according to documents filed by the bankruptcy trustee in court, police collected some of the valuables from his house. Those included his "Super Bowl rings, personal property, and other memorabilia."

The cops then gave the item's to Dave's family. In June, the trustee— who, in fairness, was tasked with a pretty morbid job— worked to get a list of the items from police. She then negotiated a price with the family for the valuables: $3,000.

The trustee also valued Duerson's stalled business consulting company DD Favor, LLC at $3,000, miscellaneous items at $7,000, and two 17-year-old lithographs at $500.


Or, as the Miami New Times added, just to emphasize how sad this story has become: "When he took his own life in the throes of dementia, his most valuable asset was a nine-year-old car."

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