David Beckham Has Beer Thrown At Him, Freaks Out, Sets Up Late Game-Tying Goal Anyway

L.A. Galaxy star and future action hero David Beckham found himself perturbed late in last night's CONCACAF Champions League tie at Rogers Centre when Toronto fans greeted him for a late corner kick with streamers and, eventually, a can of Heineken Alexander Keith's.


After stomping around with the can a bit, he delivered a classic Beckham corner that after playing a bit of Marble Madness in the box found its way into the goal off Landon Donovan's boot for an equalizer. It silenced the 47,658 in attendance—the second-most ever for a CCL match—and afterward Beckham didn't seem to be so cranky:

I'm glad the game was staged here. Obviously I knew it was a bigger stadium and I knew these fans would fill it out. Overall I think everyone had fun. Obviously the fans saw their team score two goals, I'm sure they didn't like seeing us score two goals. Overall it was a great atmosphere to play in.

Toronto will play at L.A. in the return trip next week. [Fox Soccer]