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David Cone Will Choose Our Supreme Court

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Sonia Sotomayor will go before the U.S. Senate next week to face the gauntlet that is a Supreme Court confirmation hearing. Thankfully, she will have one very powerful ally on her side—noted judicial scholar David B. Cone.

The Senate Judiciary Committee unveiled the list of witnesses who will be called before that august body to plead for (and against) the candidacy of Ms. Sotomayor as she attempts to join the most important legal body in our nation. The list includes Congresspeople, state attorneys general, law school professors, federal district attorneys, an FBI director, and the mayor of New York City, but I only see one former major league baseball pitcher on that roster. Cone was the American League's players' union rep during the strike of 1994-1995—the strike that was ended by U.S. District Judge Sonia Sotomayor.


Now, I'm pretty sure there were a lot of other legally-minded folks who were involved in that case and could also speak to her conduct and wisdom with regards to labor disputes. So why David Cone? I guess being accused of lewd sexual conduct (falsely! maybe?!) on more than one occasion gives you a unique perspective on our nation's legal system. Anyone with season tickets near the Shea Stadium bullpens can tell you about his "jurisprudence," if you know what I mean.

Or maybe Dick Durbin just wants to ask him how he got that crap in a box.

From The D.C. Bureau: David Cone: Don't Jerk With Sonia [Hugging Harold Reynolds]

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