David De Gea Implicated In Criminal Case Against Accused Sex Trafficker

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Today, Spanish paper El Diario released police documents they’ve acquired that implicate Manchester United goalkeeper David De Gea and Athletic Bilbao midfielder Iker Muniaín in the ongoing criminal investigations against Spanish pornographer Ignacio Allende Fernández.

Fernández, who goes by the name Torbe, is under investigation for an assortment of charges, including sex trafficking, child pornography, and prostitution. El Diario’s documents relate to the testimony of a couple of protected witnesses, women who were caught up in Torbe’s nefarious circle.

One witness, whom the police describe as highly credible, alleged a number encounters with De Gea in her testimony. The most detailed involved a disturbing sexual incident involving Muniaín and another, unnamed player from Spain’s U-21 national team in a hotel in Madrid back in 2012.


According to the witness, De Gea got in touch with Torbe and requested a prostitute of his to accompany Muniaín, the unnamed player, and another woman in their hotel room. Torbe then met with the witness and instructed her to satisfy all the players’ sexual desires. When she refused, the witness says Torbe then grabbed her by the arm and reiterated his instructions. Marca English has more:

Torbe was alleged to have promised her a lot of money to go the hotel suite, where one other woman and two footballers would be.

“Both the other girl, as well as TP3 [the codename given to the protected witness] were sexually assaulted by the men, as they were physically assaulted by both if they refused,” the police report said.

“After finishing with the sexual desires of these footballers, they made threats so that what happened in that hotel room would never come to light.”

It was also revealed that the two women were never paid the amount promised to them, with all the money going to Torbe.


That same witness remained in touch with De Gea after, and alleged that the keeper tried to set up another sexual encounter, this time involving himself and a few other Manchester United teammates. Police didn’t find any evidence that he went through with it.

A second witness, a minor, recounted how someone in Torbe’s circle conned her into getting involved with him, and her story also mentioned De Gea. After seeing her at a bar one night, the Torbe associate approached her and told her that she could make a lot of money on this website he had. He asked her to submit nude photos of herself, which she did. At some later point, the man began extorting her by threatening to circulate the nude photos if she did not comply with his demands.


The witness eventually met with Torbe himself, and she claims that Torbe drugged and raped her one two occasions. During one, he filmed the attack. She went on to say that Torbe claimed he recorded the footage so that he could send it to De Gea and other players, specifically some who played for Athletic Bilbao, for them to watch and potentially schedule a rendezvous of their own with her.

De Gea called a press conference after the news broke and denied the allegations, calling them “all lies.” At this point, he remains with the Spanish national team in France for Euro 2016.


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