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David Feherty, Gary McCord, "Itinerant Squirrel" Make TV Magic

It's a rare Sunday runaway victory on the PGA Tour, thanks to Tiger Woods holding on to his massive lead at the Bridgestone Invitational. And that's kind of boring. So when a squirrel struck, David Feherty and Gary McCord teamed to make a wonderful moment happen.

The transcript:

McCord: David, what do ya got for me? Down there following, what do ya got? Give me something.

Feherty: There's been an unusual incident here.

McCord: Squirrel? (aggrieved sigh)

Feherty: There was an itinerant squirrel in Tiger's line. We had to have it forcibly removed. It turned on one of the marshals at one stage.

McCord: The rodent people couldn't contain the squirrel, half-crazed? I don't trust squirrels, David. Never did. (inaudible call of missed Tiger birdie putt) This will be the first four-footer.

Feherty: Now we're acting like we don't care.

(CBS airs squirrel sprinting across green)

McCord: Yeah, yeah. Oh, there it is right there! Look at it.

Feherty: See that?

McCord: They're possessed by the devil, those squirrels. I'm telling you. He knows he's on television.

Feherty: Yeah, he just hightails it now. But he did, uh, attempt to return and he was on the through line —

McCord: You know, they always leave towards magnetic north, did you know that?

Feherty: No, I did not.

McCord: Yeah, they always exit magnetic north. I don't know why. No one does. Just like bats when they exit a cave, they go left.

Unidentified voice: That was south, Gary.


David, the anticipation here is killing me. What do you think? Give me something. Four feet?

Feherty: He's been amazing from this distance all week. I don't see why he would miss this one. It's just a question, can he get to it double figures?

McCord: I think his deal is, "I don't want to make a bogey today. That's my goal. Not one rotten bogey."

(Tiger makes par putt)

Feherty: You can't make all those the way he's done. You can't. You have to miss at some stage.

McCord: Not going to make a bogey. Won't do it.

(squirrel reappears)

McCord: Oh! No! Get him out of there, David.

Feherty: Psychotic!

McCord: Yes, he is. I'm telling you, they're possessed. I've done studies on them.


Jim Nantz eventually tried to inject himself, and ruined the moment, but this is among the best two minutes of sports television this summer.


h/t to Allen

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