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David Nalbandian Could Face Criminal Charges After Injuring Line Judge

We thought Nalbandian suffered enough yesterday after taking out his frustrations on the base of a linesman's chair. The wooden board splintered, drawing blood from the confused and angry judge, and Nalbandian was disqualified from the final of the Aegon Championships (not a Game of Thrones reference, we don't think.) He lost his shot at a title, he'll be fined, and he'll lose any earnings from the tournament. Bad enough, right?


Well, someone narced. Following a formal complaint, London police are now investigating whether Nalbandian should be charged with assault on the line judge, Andrew McDougall.

A spokesman for Scotland Yard said: "We are aware of an incident at the Aegon Championships on 17 June. A complaint has been made and the Metropolitan police service is now investigating. The allegation is of assault."

Holy shit, someone's being a giant baby. Probably McDougall? I'm not sure if the complaint has to come from the victim, but I can't imagine any fans in attendance or ATP officials running to call the police after they saw a tennis player get frustrated and kick the nearest solid object. My word! That Argie's acting a right ASBO!

Nalbandian has apologized, in one of those weird "but the ATP is also at fault, for unrelated reasons" apologies. Maybe everyone should move on, and stop trying to lay the groundwork for a lawsuit payoff. Or perhaps someone's looking to cause an international incident? The Falklands War ended 30 years ago last week, and England is in dire need of a good, quick war.

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