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David Pollack Doesn't Want Women On College Football Playoff Committee

David Pollack only wants people familiar with college football and capable of evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of each team to be part of the selection committee responsible for the playoff system beginning in 2016. And he doesn't think women can be involved because they haven't played the game or watched enough tape.


In discussing Condoleezza Rice's recent addition to the selection committee, Pollack essentially said women should not be included because they haven't played football. He wants people who watch tape and don't just judge teams "on paper." Specifically, after beginning his point, Chris Fowler asked Pollack the leading question "so, no woman belongs on the committee?" To which he responded "You said that...yeah, yeah." Which is dumb.

If anything, Rice shouldn't have been appointed because she doesn't appear to have a connection to college football other than being a big fan of the sport.

Rice, who has never worked in college athletics, frequently attends Stanford athletic events and meets with many of the athletes, including football players being recruited by the school.

Athletic directors, reporters, former conference commissioners and other potentially non-football-playing and non-tape-watching individuals will make up the 12-to-18 member committee when it is finally announced. That's why what Pollack said was dumb. If you don't want Condi Rice on the committee it shouldn't be because her gender's lack of organized football experience makes her unacceptable, it's because she hasn't been in college athletics most of her professional life like the rest of the potential committee members.