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Illustration for article titled David Price Says Seattles Bullpen Mound Is Dangerous

Yesterday was a throw day for David Price, and with the Tigers on the road in Seattle he used the visiting bullpen at Safeco Field. He wasn’t a fan:


Price later backed off the implication that the mound is deliberately flattened to throw off visiting pitchers. Instead, he blamed shoddy groundskeeping, and said it’s a safety issue.

It’s just a flat mound. It’s common,” said Price. “It happens at a lot of places, but it shouldn’t be the case. That’s how people get hurt.

“You go from that mound to the game mound and your foot’s not hitting the ground where it was hitting in your last 40 throws in the bullpen. It’s completely different and that is how guys get hurt. You really see that a lot in spring training, but it shouldn’t happen at this level.”

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