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Davidson Breaks Their Own Hearts

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One of our best friends went to Davidson, and, not wanting to dare to miss history, booked a whirlwind trip from Columbia, Missouri to Detroit yesterday. We've made similar, holy shit we have to BE there sports trips before, and they rarely turn out well. It's one thing to take a crazy 24-hour jaunt to see your team play an important game; it's another to take that same trip home after they've lost.


After Davidson's crushing loss yesterday — and, anti-Bill Self biases aside, we were legitimately crestfallen — we emailed our friend our condolences. He replied, probably from the road somewhere: "I might be able to talk about it some day. Damn close, but I guess nerves finally caught up to them." That seemed about right; that last possession just seemed God-sent for a last second Stephen Curry game-winner, but, sadly, basketball games involve real people, not storylines created just for us. Curry panicked and picked up his dribble, and not only did he not get a good shot, he didn't get a shot at all.

We'll be looking at each of the Final Four teams today, and we're pretty certain next weekend's games will be more entertaining than either of the last two Final Fours. But Davidson's loss cost us something vital and permanent. Yes, it's impressive, the first time four No. 1 seeds made it. But you won't be saying in 10 years, "remember that season that all the top seeds made it?" You might have said that, however, about Davidson. Alas. What's a Final Four without underdogs look like? We might be able to talk about it someday, but as for now, don't even start.