Davone Bess Was Restrained And Hospitalized 10 Months Ago

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Today's arrest of Browns wide receiver Davone Bess—in which he was reportedly singing and dancing in an airport with his pants falling down—did not sound like the actions of a healthy man. The Miami Herald has learned that it wasn't Bess's first incident like this.

On March 11, 2013, Bess's family had him hospitalized against his will, after noting that he had been acting bizarrely and hadn't slept for three days.

Six BSO deputies were needed on that night to restrain Bess, who was screaming, "Hide the guns," "Where is my weed," and "I want to get in the end zone; throw me the football," according to the incident report.


Bess was then taken to the hospital for observation. The incident wasn't publicly reported at the time.

About six weeks later, Bess was traded by the Dolphins to Cleveland. It's not clear if either team was aware of the March episode when the trade was made.


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