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Day-Drinking Is Bad, Says Philly Guy Who Got KO'd By His Wife's Car

Welcome to Tuesday Night Fights, a weekly celebration and analysis of street-fight videos found on YouTube. Tonight's fisticuffs: "Man vs. Car: The Saddest Fight Of All Time." Tonight's commentator: Gary, who fought the car. (Coming next week: A Quezon City ladyfight.)

Gary lives in a pocket of lower-northeast Philadelphia walking distance from the neighborhood in which boxer Danny Garcia was raised.

But this video, shot Sept. 10 in front of the rowhome that Gary and his bride share, is proof that the pugilistic gene did not take that stroll from Juniata Park to Fairhill.

Had it done so, Gary would not have gotten KTFO'd by his wife's Chevy. You'll have to review the fight itself, and reach conclusions, on your own. This, because Gary neither was responsible for any of the 750K+ views on World Star Hip Hop nor does he remember what happened.

As his wife — who was wearing a nightgown around 2 p.m. last Friday — talked to a few neighbors on their adjacent stoop, Gary agreed to review, for a few minutes, his newly found "fame" with the caveat that his last name be withheld.

Oh, he was wearing a T-shirt featuring the slogan "Warning: Might Do Stupid Things At Any Time." And, we didn't broach the topic of his employment situation. Just felt gratuitous, nahmean?

Gary: "Man, it was just one of those nights."

Hickey: "It was bright daylight, Gary."

Gary: "Well, I got an early start."

"Like, what time?"

Gary: "10:30."

"10:30. What day of the week was this, a Friday?"

Gary: "Nah. Wednesday. It was Wednesday." (Ed note: It was, per the Philadelphia Police 'hospital call' report.)

"What were you drinking?"

Gary: "Maaaaaaaan, anything and everything. Anything."

"You were yelling about unemployment and other stuff. What was your beef with the car?"

Gary: "I don't even know."

"Fair enough. Looked like you hit your head hard on that concrete. You went to the hospital, right?"

Gary: "Yeah. Went to Temple for a couple hours. They said I had one of those things that football players get."

"A concussion?"

Gary: "Yeah, a concussion. They had to stitch the back of my head up. Don't know how many stitches."

"You realize this was on World Star Hip Hop and all. Like, a LOT of people saw it."

Gary: "Oh shit. Oh no. No no no no. Oh Jesus."

(points at house across the street): "Them neighbors talking to your wife right now said people over there took the video."

Gary (points at neighbors talking to his wife, who are all laughing throughout the interview from afar): "I think they did." (Ed note: The camera angle speaks to the veracity of Gary's suspicions; the neighbors' voices, however, did not. Supposition: Neighbors across the street crossed over and shot footage from that stoop.)

"Were you knocked out when your head hit the ground?"

Gary: "Out cold. Cold. Unconscious."

"Ah, that sucks. Anyway, what's your message to all the people who seen this video? What do you want them to know?"

Gary: "Leave alcohol alone. Leave. It. Alone. This is all just unbelievable. Unbelievable. Oh Lord no."

"Say Gary, you mind standing next to the car so I can take a picture of you two together?"

Gary: "No, no, no. Don't want anymore of this. Enough is enough."

"No worries, man. Thanks for talking." (Walks over to talk to neighbors and wife)

Gary's wife (walks over to car) "He didn't break the window or anything, but he screwed up the mirror." (points to screwed up mirror; her stance, confirmed)

"Yeah, he's lucky he ain't hurt worse than he is."

Gary's wife: "If I'd have been here when it happened, I'd have killed him! My boss called me the other day, asked, 'You look at YouTube? Your husband's on there. Man fights car.' That's when I saw it. I just hope my son don't see it. He's in Wisconsin."

"Me too, [name redacted], but a lot of people have seen it. Anyway, thanks for talking. Would've been easy just to tell me to get lost."

Gary's wife (laughs, shaking her head): "I gotta get back inside, talk to him."

"I'm just going to take these pictures of your car and head home. Have a great weekend!"


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