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De'Aaron Fox Is Fast As Hell And It Rules So Hard

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Photo: John Raoux (AP)

When the following play begins, all five Jazz defenders are between De’Aaron Fox and the bucket. Three of his teammates are too, yet he takes the inbounds pass from Willie Cauley-Stein and rips straight down the middle of the court to the rack for a huge left-handed slam.

In Fox’s rookie year, he was clearly bullet train fast, yet he had the same problem that fellow screamers like John Wall and Russell Westbrook had, which was modulating his speeds and figuring out when to burst and when to hesitate. This season, he’s using his otherworldly quickness effectively, most beneficially by zipping to a spot quicker than his defender an creating an angle for a pocket pass (he’s up to 7.7 assists per game) and most emphatically when he just runs into and then past the teeth of the defense for an easy layup. He is his own transition offense, and even if he doesn’t score, he forces defenses to scramble, which creates all sorts of little matchup problems.

Thankfully, he’s improved his body control and finishing around the rack, and nobody scares him.

No hoop is safe when Fox has the ball and a head of steam, and it kicks ass to watch.

Staff writer, Deadspin

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