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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Dead Letters: "Face It, You Folks Are Just Plain Sick"

Illustration for article titled Dead Letters: Face It, You Folks Are Just Plain Sick
Dead LettersWelcome to Dead Letters, the feature in which we reprint our favorite reader mail. We should take this moment to remind you that all emails to Deadspin and its editors and writers are on the record unless otherwise specified. Now for your letters.

Subject: Here’s a “tip” for you folks...

From: Telesia55
To: The Staff

The kid is eleven years old. She has a powerful voice, albeit off-key. Hers is FAR from being the “worst” rendition of our national anthem. Also, she sang it WITH RESPECT, which can’t be said for Rosanne Barr... and many others who can’t even remember the words to our anthem.

NOW I understand why it’s called “deadspin”... but simply calling it “dead” would have been fine. This is my first stop to your web site. And my last.

PS - let us hear YOUR rendition of the Star Spangled Banner... you, the ones calling hers “the worst”. I doubt you could even stand before so many people and attempt what is considered one of the most difficult songs to sing. Have a nice day anyway.

From: Tim Burke
To: Telesia55

Our rendition is linked in the article, but if you missed it:…

From: Telesia55
To: Tim Burke

Wow... ain’t that something. You’re comparing a grown man (whose rendition is pretty bad to begin with) singing in front of 50~100 people, to that of a nervous ELEVEN-YEAR OLD singing in front of some ten thousand or more people?

C’mon now kiddies, grow up already. She’s ELEVEN... she’s a child. And she has a much more powerful voice than that dweebageek in your “rendition”! Not to mention, the CHILD did mention there was echo coming back to her from the equipment.

Lemme guess, you guys beat your children after molesting them too. Face it, you folks are just plain sick, and need a podium to bitch from, about anything. Using the same foul language you folks use; you’re a bunch of sick fucks... Internet bullies at that.

Don’t bother replying. You e-mail will be deleted. Be happy I don’t show your pathetic reply (and even worse rendition) to others.


Subject:National Anthem

From: peter C
To: Tim Burke

Hello Tim,

Sometimes cruel words work well to push a person to acheive their goals. Sure it was mean; you’re a mean man Tim, I like that you said what you said especially look at her F-ing web site.... lol. think her parents probably had a hand in the site I do. There have been worse and some very nice.. It has to be difficult to stand up and sing. The arena should invest a better sound system that does not send a mountain of feedback. Professional signers bands etc have plugs in their ears for a reason. To hear themselves over the ruckus.

Parents will be parents and that will never change. I can imagine if you have or had a child you would rush to their defense too then again maybe not...

Freedom of speech Tim, thank you for writing.. do you have an positive stories you can expand upon by chance?


Peter C.

Subject: Re: Worst Ntl Anthem

From: Eric Downing
To: Tim Burke

Dude, your a dick. That little girl is awesome. Yeah I checked out her fucking website. Troll.


Subject: Anthem rendition

From: John Jordan
To: The Staff

Sirs: I listened to Harper Gruzins rendition of our National Anthem. As an American (who understands what it means to be one) who loves to sing the anthem at the top of my lungs and always ending with tears in my eyes, while not being able to carry a tune in a five gallon pail I see your complaint baseless and wrong. During her performance I did not notice anything that led me to believe she has any disrespect for our country, much less for it’s flag. She’s 11 years old, man! Get with it. Your comments should have been directed at the athletes and crowd. Look at that film that Fox News has. Note the lack of respect in the posture of many of the athletes and quite a few in the crowd. My God has said to “ make a joyful noise unto the Lord “. That i do with gusto, for it’s all i have; and i do it in all my singing in the rain. So grow up and apologize by admitting you were wrong.
John E. Jordan USN ‘70-’74 Honorably Discharged


Subject: Worst National Anthem post ...

From: Dell L Nelson
To: Tim Burke

I agree that the girl should never have been allowed to “sing” in public, simply because she cannot carry a tune..
By the same token, you have shown your own lack of literary competence by feeling the need to use the “f” word to express your own superior professional communicating abilities.

Subject: Woody a Moron

From: Ed Kone
To: John Koblin

The only moron quite frankly is you a so called man who has never produced anything in his life nor created a job nor done anything but pimp for the hard left. In your world., taxes are grand, huge deficits are awesome, infantacide is dandy, no one should have guns except criminals, child and cop murderes don’t get the death penalty, the military is bad, the fbi is evil, the police are fascists, all cia personnel should be shot, all people not voting for Obama are racists, Bill Maher is a philosopher, Michael Moore is a prohet, Israel is evil incarnate, Assad and the Ayatollahs are preferable to Bibi, etc. etc. You live in a radical left world of Alice in Wonderland where right is wrong, good is evil and up is down. G-d, family and country are foreign terms to you. You and your family must be so proud of you.

Ed Kone

Subject: new bookon Joe

From: Becky [redacted]
To: Barry Petchesky

I am 77 years old. My son went to Pa State. Through him, I I learned to love Pa State and especially Joe. and what he stood for. I can’t wait to buy your book when it comes out this month. I just hope the bookstores here will carry it. I don’t believe half of what I am reading. No matter what Joe is a great man and stood for the one doing their best. I am sadden that he is not here to defend himself. I believe that he is being made a scrapgoat because of this. Please let me know when the book will be released to book stores.

Thank Yoe for your time.


Subject: Cardinals

From: Nick Meitner
To: Drew Magary

You have no idea what you are talking about! Arizona is only hot 3 months out of the year... Its called summer. We have 9 months of great weather. Where are you from and what team do you support? Have you been to az in the winter, guess not. I dont see that you mention anything about the defense..... Cause they are fucken good. Do you know who ryan williams is? Probably not! You are a horrible writer with no background in what you are writing about!

Sent from my iPhone

Subject: Arizona Cardinals

From: Christian Zomaya
To: Drew Magary

I just read one of the worst articles ever. Would you like to guess who wrote this piece if literature crap? No clue yet? Look in the mirror. You tore up the Arizona Cardinals along with the state of Arizona. Why? Who knows and who cares. The only reason I’m even taking a moment to contact you is to tell you about getting facts straight. If you don’t do this, then your entire piece is for nothing. The only evidence I need of this is your “hot oven of a bus station” comment. I’m glad you know that Phoenix is hot. Seriously. I’m proud of you. But, wait. There’s more. Look up northern Arizona weather. Hot oven? Ya. Ok. I’m not sure who pissed in your Cheerios. But, the next time you want to shit on a state/team, do some research. Enjoy your day, bitch face

Arizona Resident

Sent from my iPhone

Subject: IDIOT

From: Dave Gregory
To: Drew Magary


David Gregory
Alma Imports Wholesale Auto Parts
Mesa, AZ

Subject: Olympic Updates

From: Drew D.
To: Tommy Craggs

Can you dickheads stop posting Olympic results before NBC airs them?!? I understand that you’re happy about screwing over NBC and any other telvesion broadcast company but some people like to see the event without knowing what the result is. If you keep posting results then I’m going to have to actually do work during the day rather than constantly scanning deadspin. Please don’t make me earn my paycheck.


Dead Tweet


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