Dead Letters: "I Will Poop On Your Head"

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Subject: Babe Ruth

From: Kevin Rooney

To: Samer Kalaf

generational arrogance does not look good on you

Subject: Gay Conservatives

From: Hrair Minassian

To: Lauren Theisen

I’ll get right to the point. You’re a cunt.

Subject: You are a piece of shit and I don’t need to use “false equivalence” lies to prove it. Please get your tubes tied because ignorance is rampant and the world doesn’t need your tainted offspring

From: stratpower57

To: Lauren Theisen

Subject: Article

From: hockcloud

To: Lauren Theisen

Just another example of Democrat bigotry. Obviously you have self confidence issues. I’m a gay conservative man and your statements appall me. Maybe you are oppressed but not me. The gay conservatives are growing and getting stronger, get used to it babe. We are tired of the media and certainly tired of bigotry and refusal to accept opposing viewpoints. Bigotry exists on both sides, including the closed minded media. Trump will win in 2020 and the movement is getting stronger.

That’s me a gay deplorable, one who votes.

And No, I won’t shut the fuck up. Especially when somebody like you tells me. We only get louder.

Trump 2020

Subject: Don’t tell me to shut the F up

From: David Jensen

To: Lauren Theisen


I would just like you to stick to your sports reporting cause it is sickening to see you hypocrites tell gay conservatives to shut the F up. Do you think before you type? Do you have any respect for people? You are the problem, not gay conservatives. Please take your own advice and actually be inclusive. Just because conservative gays don’t fit the mould for your narrative that all gays are liberal doesn’t mean conservative gays should shut the F up. Please just get better and don’t spew hate.

Thank you,

David Jensen.

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Subject: lololol

From: Steven White

To: Lauren Theisen

conservative gays need to shut the fuck up hey? no one cares you kike whore. just go suck some more nigger dick. or maybe go visit a muslim country so they can behead you with their tolerance. no one cares what you think if its not advice on how not to burn the roast honey :)


Subject: RFK as new stadium

From: Mike Stanley

To: Chris Thompson

You stupid leftist - this will be great for Dc.

Hail Redskins - Hail Trump!

Subject: (no subject)

From: jmarinobaum

To: Chris Thompson

Another angry liberal

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Subject: Trash

From: Steve Mcpherson

To: Chris Thompson

I’m originally from Texas and a long time Cowboy fan. So I’m not a Redskin fan and definitely not a Snyder fan.

Your personal inflections and obvious hatred for this team and Snyder only detracts and ruins what might have been an interesting article. I stopped reading it when I realized your hateful bias left little credibility that I would be getting the truth or facts.

Writing intelligent and informative articles is for mature adults. You should wait untill your potty mouth trained.

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Subject: Get over it

From: mariojorellana

To: Chris Thompson

Get over football

Asshloe....every tax brakes.. to businesses every city like to have a team that’s the price of doing business...and Trump is president

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Subject: Go fuck yourself you liberal piece of shit

From: Kevin Sluzana

To: Chris Thompson

Subject: (no subject)

From: jeremy singliterrry

To: Chris Thompson

Hello sir, how did you get this dumb ass article on this site? This feels as though it comes from somebody’s basement. Basement under your mom’s house, like you still live there. This was actually in my 5 top stories for me. Dude put more effort into wasting my time, can’t believe I actually sent you an email, 3 more minutes. This sucks! Your article I mean...

Subject: Re: (no subject)

From: Chris Thompson

To: jeremy singliterrry

Jeremy, what’s this regarding?

Subject: Re: Re: (no subject)

From: jeremy singliterrry

To: Chris Thompson

Can’t even remember but it was in my newatand on that day

Subject: Watch how you address our president, you piece of trash

From: Ronald M.

To: Chris Thompson

That pretty much says it all. I came across your article in question via a search—— and was disappointed that Michael Jordan apparently would stand with a piece of trash like LeBron James—— a treasonous, serial liar, racist, fake-news-provider (the “vandalism” his house allegedly received, et cetera) as opposed to with our reputable Commander-in-Chief—— who is supported by the vast majority of America, just not with feminazis, marriage opponents, treasonous types, thugs, anti-Semitic folks, hack “journalists” (like yourself), et cetera.

Your writing is trash, just like your language is.

Subject: GetALIFE

From: Stephen Reid

To: Chris Thompson

Hey buddy instead of posting high school sports news at 10:30 at night, y dont you get a life. U follow high school sports as a grown man. GET A LIFE

Subject: Racism

From: sean mulligan

To: Patrick Redford

You are a idiot and if I get a chance I will poop on your head take a picture and hang it on Trumps wall. Looks like the snowflakes do not know what a 5 gallon bucket is for.

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Subject: Your article on Harden

From: London

To: Patrick Redford

Do you have to curse all the time!? Stop that SHIT

Subject: Re: Your article on Harden

From: Patrick Redford

To: London

Fuck off

Subject: Re: Re: Your article on Harden

From: London

To: Patrick Redford

You piece of shit. I’ll ruin your career

From: London

To: Patrick Redford

UC Berkeley fratboy scum

Subject: Soccer Player Says It Only Looks Like He Did Nazi Salute

From: Bob Driver

To: Luis Paez-Pumar

In reply to your article titled, “Soccer Player Says It Only Looks Like He Did Nazi Salute Because Of Some Unbelievable Circumstances”:

You are such a faggot.

Subject: Your great knowledge

From: Deby Wintrow

To: Luis Paez-Pumar

Where did you acquire your nifty writing style? Perhaps in 6th grade playing 4 square. Sorry to all the 4 square players out there.


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