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Dead Letters: "Not That I Read Your Column Anyway, But If I Did..."

Dead LettersWelcome to Dead Letters, the feature in which we reprint our favorite reader mail. We should take this moment to remind you that all emails to Deadspin and its editors and writers are on the record unless otherwise specified. Now for your letters.

Subject: recent article

From: Michael Manniello
To: Tim Burke

Heteronormative ??? – congratulations you used a 15 letter word. Not that I read your column anyway, but if I did, a sure way to turn me away is to use long words when not necessary. And do you think you’re your using the phrase “whacking it to” was appropriate ??


Subject: Brett Musburger

From: Joseph Devanna
To: The Staff

Let me understand something, Brett Musburger went over the line talking about how attractive AJ McCarron’s girlfriend is ? did Deadspin go over the line with the numerous cleavage shots and dick pics that have been published on your sight the past few years,not that I’m complaining


Subject: Fwd: Musberger and Miss Alabama

From: Davis Mauldin
To: Tim Burke
Cc: Bob Minarik

>>>>>>>>>> I agree with Minarik:

Begin forwarded message:

From: Bob Minarik
To: Tim Burke

Tim - If you tell me that you give equal time to slamming those stupid dances in the end zone, I won’t bitch about your idiot comments about Brent Musburger, but if you haven’t, you can go back to “whacking” your own pud. Musburger said nothing more that any female admiring man wouldn’t have said. Even my friends thought she was a beauty and none were offended by Musburger’s comments!! Personally, I thought Musburger was most complimentary!!

bob minarik - rochester indiana

Brent Musburger Is A Bit Too Infatuated With A.J. McCarron’s Girlfriend, Katherine Webb

Here’s good ol’ Brent whacking it to Miss Alabama (and, sort of, McCarron’s mom) in all its uncomfortable, awkward, heteronormative glory. [ESPN]

Davis Mauldin
“Does not play well with others”

Subject: Did you really say “heteronormative”?

From: Gerad McDade
To: Tim Burke

What a fucking douche bag. “Sports journalists” have always had an overinflated sense of self worth and smarts, but I think this takes the cake.


Subject: Apologize for Being a Jerk

From: Scott Ward
To: Tim Burke

The man did nothing but offer positive reinforcement with his statement. So a punk like you comes along and wants to make a splash at Brent’s expense and whamo you get some hits with your juvenile exploitation of the event.

I won’t compare you to Brent in terms of success but he is an icon and your drivel is a waste of bandwidth. The only thing uncomfortable about the situation is your interpretation of the comments.
Scott Ward


Subject: Tyler Sequin

From: Monica Aiello
To: Barry Petchesky

Good Morning Barry...just wondering if you’re for hire....I understand you like to clean people’s apartments. Wonder what yours looks like. There’s an old saying about “People who live in glass houses.” Hopefully in the future you can find something more important to write about....LOL. If I come up with any good stories I’ll shoot them your way.



From: randy rodarte
To: Tim Burke

just read your little blurb on Plascke.

1. not his show.

2. it’s the Petros and Money show. as you said he was sitting in for Petros, and Matt money Smith was there.

3. if you have ever listened to the show you would know that it is a not just a sports radio show but is also heavy in pop culture content. lady garden is a phrase commonly used.

4. get off your high horse. your midleading headlines led to typical d-bag quotes by readers who just read the headlines and don’t know the whole story.

deadspin is better than this.

Dead Tweets


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