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Dead LettersWelcome to Dead Letters, the feature in which we reprint our favorite reader mail. We should take this moment to remind you that all emails to Deadspin and its editors and writers are on the record unless otherwise specified. Now for your letters.

Subject: Lost direction in life —> lost all

From: Man Luong
To: The Staff

Dear Lifehacker,

[Editor’s note: ...]

My name is Linh, a Vietnamese girl, 24 years old, English major in University, now working as a Legal Secretary (1 week till now).

I have 2 big problems.

First, I do not know if I am mentally illed. My brain is so slow and not creative. Even with the secretarial tasks I cannot fullfil it in a professional ways, get the works done well but keep making mistakes, sometimes even repeat the same mistakes. I am so slow, not a fast learner. Looking in my transcript, people may think I am good at learning. No, I just work hard. Before the exam, I have to study a lot (redo many times the exercises which I think will be in the exam, so I can get a good mark even I dont really understand the lesson well) while my friend can understand the lesson so well and remember it for a long time, they dont need to work hard on it. I think that is because I dont really understand the lesson, just work hard to deal with the exam. After the exam, I forget nearly all. I sucks, especially in maths, space and direction (I cannot remember direction on street well) and something related to logics. I also cannot get other people’s point exactly and quickly but they have to explain to me many times. When I meet problem / difficulties in works and life, I cannot find proper ways to solve it out to get the good results. My brain cannot think of any good solutions. I feel my brain is not in peace but keep wandering around and around, usually recall and imagine the good/bad relationship (other things I can forget, but anything related to feelings, relationship I can remember so well) . I also cannot remember all what people have just talked to me, just can remember some parts of the whole story. At works, my supervisor usually complains about my mistakes. It makes me down. I HATE myself, feeling like I am the most stupid person in the earth, even the small tasks but cannot be fullfilled in perfection. My brain cannot work, unlucky that in Vietnam there is no doctor specialize in brain or mental treatment like in USA.

I then realized the cause for the above problem is that I don’t have any specific passion at all, which is also my second problem. People say one can be successful only in doing what they like, what they are passionate. Because only when we have passion, understanding what we like, having a clear direction, we could follow that to get what we want and then be successful. I even do not know who I am, where I belong to, what I like, so how can I set my goal and stick to it. I think the reason I usually make mistakes in my works is that I do not have a good concentration on what I do. And the reason why I cannot concentrate is that I don’t have goal and a strong belief in what I do. I want too much but none of the things I want I can contribute with my whole energy because I they are so shaky. I feel like I am at the crossroad, dont know what the next step is and which direction can lead to success. Last year, I like to try studying accounting, so I studied accounting but I soon found out accounting seem not suit me (that being said, I am bad at logic, maths but I have not quited it). Then this year I’d like to become an HR Manager, or a Hotel Management Officer (all of them are just my shaky plan, not my passion, I just think I must take some action).

I feel so lost in life. Every thing around me is just uncleared. I don’t know who I am, what I like, I do not think Secretary is a career but the temporary ways to earn my living, when I grow older, people would not hire. When I was 18 years old, I cried and worried that I have still not found my passion. People around me released me that I will soon find my passion/career when I enter the working environment. Now, I have alrealy worked for 2 years but I stay the same, dont know who I am, what I really like, what career I belong to. I cannot imagine what I will be in the next 5 years.

I used to do some quizes on the Internet to see what career suits me. However, there are some questions about the hobbies, habit, personality that I am not sured about. I mean I don’t have any strong hobbies and points, clear personality, so I cannot answer those questions, so cannot find my suitable career.

I hate myself too much and once think of dealth. Because of the uncleared personality and unspecific hobbies, many boys who came to me first just left me. They feel so bored when dating out with me. My pretty apprearance just can catch their first attention but can’t help further the relationship. That makes sense. I don’t have interesting hobbies to share with them, or have any talent to attract them, how can we have long talks and remain the relationship. I feel bored at myself, how can’t they?

My questions for you is that how can I find my ways, what I like to get success at works and love. How to have a 100% concentration at tasks (whatever), does that really need to have a specific goal to have a good concentration? I think once I have a clear direction, strong hobbies, career and love would come to me (I don’t know if this is the right thought or not).

Thank you in advance & looking forward to hearing from you.

Best Regards,


Subject: Let them go back. They’ve learned their lesson

From: Gail Quinzio
To: The Staff


Subject: (no subject)

From: Blondie4jpr
To: The Staff

michael vick should not own a dog or become a veteranarian any more than pedophiles should have children!


Subject: Y’all are haters

From: Jake Sinsheimer
To: The Staff

You should at least update the ‘article’ with zero research from the hornets rename party with what actually happened. Just look at the pictures. Thousands were there. Way to post something completely inaccurate during the lunchtime set up for an Alive after 5 (pm) event. Embarrassing for a site that prides itself on accuracy.

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Subject: Peach cobbler

From: Bill Ballaron
To: Albert Burneko

I think of myself as a “regular “guy yea right your attempt at humor and making peach cobbler really doesn’t mix . Most women are a bit more religious then myself you might be acting like yourself writing this but you say godamn and hell and you know where those peaches were made so delicious right our lord and savior which you cannot believe because of your attempt at humor one last thing I was looking for lemon zest in the spice section of the grocery store but nobody heard of it :P

From: Albert Burneko
To: Bill Ballaron

Bill. Lemon zest isn’t a spice. It’s the yellow outermost layer of the skin of a lemon; you shave it off with a grater or zester and use it in many, many, many food preparations.

Also I’m pretty sure you’re psychotic.

Have a great day!

From: Bill Ballaron
To: Albert Burneko

No shit Sherlock thanks for getting back to me so fast you must be really bored , I can’t wait to make this peach crap but one last thing I did enjoy the way you spoke of slicing the peaches many people find this difficult but I think you explained it indepth thanks you have a great day

From: Bill Ballaron
To: Albert Burneko

So I been reading your stuff I’m retired from the navy (cook) and retired food service director (hospital) disabled crazy guy . I like your stuff so you got a new fan (follower) not sure if that’s good or bad


[Editor’s note: It’s good.]

Subject: Jim Carrey

From: Eric Hoffman
To: Greg Howard


Hello, my name is Larry Dickman

[Editor’s note: Uh, wait ... isn’t it Eric Hoffman?]

and I am a resident of beautiful Fairfield, Iowa.

[Editor’s note: How can we trust you at all now, Larric?]

I wanted to give you some more insight on the Jim Carrey story you wrote about. While I am personally not a fan of this liberal piece of scum, we welcome any and all celebrities to visit the unique town of Fairfield. We are a town of about 9,500 residents, composed mainly of friendly, hard-working midwesterners and the students of Maharishi University of Management. Harpo has actually named us one of the most unique towns in America because of our connection to the Maharishi and Vedic City. Mr. Carrey arrived in town a few days ago on his private jet and has spent the last couple of day at The Raj. As you can see from their website, The Raj is “America’s premier Ayurveda Health Center.” The Maharishi are known for their transcendental meditation techniques. I’m taking a shot here and saying Mr. Carrey was taking some time to stay out of the public eye because of his recent pro-gun control comments in the wake of his flop-of-a-new movie, Kick-Ass 2. AEKDB. Oskee Wow-Wow!


Larry Dickman

Subject: Hello

From: Sergey Karaulnykh
To: The Staff

Some time ago my family and I came to your town on vacation and stayed.

We want to express to you our gratitude for your warm welcome and good service.

Our children were very happy and satisfied your. My wife and I also had a great time and got a lot of positive emotions. Thank you once again for the wonderful time we spent with you. Your staff were so kind to me, I do not know how to thank you. My family really enjoyed your. I will recommend your to my friends. My children said that your The Best .

Maybe you would could, send any your promo-goods, souvenirs or other production that each time using it, we always remembered heat and a cosiness.

with respect Sergey Karaulnykh

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